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Established in the year 2015, We "Mornisa Bio-Organics Pvt. Ltd.," are amongst the prominent Processors and Manufacturer of a comprehensive range of Jaggery (Conical typical Bhelies, Cake, Powder and Syrup) Products. It is a Dream project of Energetic Promotors, entrepreneurs with the vision to develop the local sourcing area of sugarcane in Girana River Basin. This project we have erected by taking motivation from our Honorable Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, they are supporting clean & green technologies state of the art technology under make in India mission. Our Sole Aim to bring this project to Chalisgaon MIDC with huge investment is that we are natives of this region. This project will give employment to nearly 1000 families (Direct or In-Direct) of the area to stop the plight of farmers of the region. There are nearly 7 lacs. MT Sugarcane is grown & there is no Sugar or Jaggery factory in the vicinity, which could be great support to sugarcane producers and the community. Considering this and other fact, it was decided to setup a jaggery unit with modern technology and the sustain capacity.

"To provide pure, natural & quality Food Products to Customers who are trying to consume wholesome sugarcane sweeteners other than sugar". Our VISION is very clear as, we had seen various colors of jaggery in the market i.e. white, yellow, light orange & red. These colors of jaggery are result of use of elements which are not fit for / suitable for health of end consumers. To come out of this adverse condition, we decided to come up with new technology which will make jaggery much suitable for human consumption in this era of health consciousness, stringent regulatory, legal compliances of domestic and international market. Our prime MOTTO is produce Natural Jaggery without chemicals used for specific color shade (say yellowish, golden etc.) This jaggery will come up in Chocolate, dark brown color shade.

"To become leading Manufacturer of Nutritional Jaggery Product". Our Goal is, to become manufacturer of world-class wholesome Jaggery products, like chunks, Powder, Bars, & Bhelies, To Cater our clients a quality range of products, we have a diligent, competent team of quality controllers which tests each batch of our products minutely on various quality parameters. All our products are rich in all essential nutrients that are required in a balanced diet than it cane sugar-based sweeteners.

1.No BOILER. Zero Discharge Unit
2. It's an Environmental Friendly Factory, as we use Green energy.

3. No by- products like Molasses or Press Mud. This flagship Technology is used first time in India & is well protected intellectually.

4. Lastly, our vision is to offer & invest in new dimensions & technology as a leader to jaggery industry of new generation demanding high standards of food safety as well as social responsibility, occupational safety and environmental management, as consumers are running away from only sugar-based sweeting options

5. This project is surely Socio economy friendly venture

6. There is NO question of any type of Adulteration in our product. Natural jaggery is beneficial to consumers in 14 different WAY.


What We Offer

Satisfied customers

We provide the best Jaggery which is in its purest form whereby our customers will be thoroughly satisfied

guaranteed trust

We are here to build trust in all the products we offer. This will help us grow leaps and bounds.

great technology

We will make jaggery much suitable for human consumption in this era of health consciousness & stress life.

Expert team

Ours is a very reputed and expert team who do lots of research and development throughout the manufacturing process.